some well-known pallet rack manufacturers in China

There are several pallet rack manufacturers based in China. Here are some well-known pallet rack manufacturers in China:

1. Nanjing Ebil Tech Intelligent Storage Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Jiangsu Union Logistics System Engineering Co., Ltd.

3. Suzhou Innovative Store Equipment Co., Ltd.

4. Nanjing Kingmore Logistics Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

5. Guangdong Smaco Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

6. Shanghai Calin Logistic Equipment Co., Ltd.

7. Dalian Huameilong Metal Products Co., Ltd.

8. Beijing Jiuwei Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.

9. Nanjing OTS Racking Equipment Co., Ltd.

10. Jiangsu XinZhongYa Intelligent Logistics Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

11. Nanjing Victory Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

12. Guangzhou Heda Shelves Co., Ltd.

13. Nanjing Xiangwei Storage  Racking Co., Ltd.

14. Shanghai Maxrac Storage Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.

15. Hebei Woke Metal Products Co., Ltd.

16. Nanjing Future Steel Industry Co., Ltd.

17. Nanjing Huade Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

18. Suzhou Aomeijia Metallic Products Co., Ltd.

19. Nanjing Kumeijie Storage Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.

20. Jiangsu Gute Intelligent Storage Equipment Co., Ltd.

These manufacturers offer a range of pallet rack solutions, including selective racks, drive-in racks, push-back racks, pallet flow racks, and more. It's important to conduct thorough research, evaluate their product specifications, quality standards, and certifications, as well as consider factors such as pricing, lead times, and customer reviews when selecting a manufacturer.

Additionally, it is advisable to directly contact the manufacturers, request detailed quotations, and inquire about customization options, installation services, and after-sales support to ensure they can meet your specific requirements and provide a comprehensive solution.

Price of china pallet racks

The price of pallet racks from Chinese manufacturers can vary depending on various factors such as the type of rack, dimensions, load capacity, materials used, customization options, and the specific manufacturer. It's important to note that providing exact pricing without specific requirements is challenging. However, I can provide a general price range to give you an idea of the cost involved.

As a rough estimate, the price of pallet racks from Chinese manufacturers can range from $50 to $200 per pallet position for standard selective racks. This price range includes the upright frames, cross beams, and necessary hardware for assembly. However, additional costs may apply for accessories such as wire mesh decks, row spacers, or safety measures like column guards or rack protectors.

Keep in mind that this price range is for general reference purposes and can vary based on the factors mentioned earlier. Customized or specialized racks, such as drive-in racks, push-back racks, or pallet flow racks, may have different pricing structures based on their design complexity and additional features.

To obtain accurate pricing, it is advisable to reach out to specific pallet rack manufacturers in China, provide them with your specific requirements, and request detailed quotations. They will be able to provide you with more precise pricing based on your project needs and the particular specifications of the pallet racks you require.