Pallet Jack-up conveyor
Pallet Jack-up conveyor
Pallet Jack-up conveyor
Pallet Jack-up conveyor
Pallet Jack-up conveyor

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Pallet Jack-up conveyor

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The pallet Jack-up conveyor is mainly used in the conveying device between equipment, the steering or right-angle transition in the conveying process including electric lifting and conveying.

It is a modular design and the combination method is simple. It adopts four-corner crank arm synchronous jacking, with balanced operation and strong safety.


Pallet Jack-up conveyor are often used in pallet or carton product conveyor lines to change the flow direction of pallet or carton products by 90° or to merge the feed line body into a main line. The pallet Jack-up conveyor can also be used to change the running direction of the pallet or display product running direction, and realize the transformation from the wide side to the narrow side. It is widely used in the horizontal transfer of household appliances, food, medicine and other industries. It helps to realize fast and smooth transfer between different lines.

Advantages and characteristics:

  • Modular design; convenient operation and maintenance

  • Electric control; high efficiency

  • Synchronous lifting and strong safety

  • Chain type/roller type (optional)


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