Carton Jack-up conveyor
Carton Jack-up conveyor
Carton Jack-up conveyor
Carton Jack-up conveyor
Carton Jack-up conveyor

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Carton Jack-up conveyor

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It is a logistic equipment that is generally used to change the conveying direction of goods, and to send bins into or out of the main conveyor line from the tunnel. It is mainly used for the transfer device between the equipment, and is widely used in the horizontal transfer of goods in the medicine and other industries. It helps to realize fast and smooth transfer between different lines.



Advantages and characteristics:

1. Economical and practical; cost-effective

2. Space Saving: It can achieve right-angle turns in limited space.

3. The lifting capacity is large. The positioning is stable and reliable, and the structure is simple. The equipment adopts PLC programmable control, so that items can easily enter and exit the main and auxiliary conveyor lines without collisions, extrusions, etc.

4. The four corners are lifted so the operation is balanced.

5. Modular design: It’s easy to disassemble and maintain.


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