In order to make the new and old customers to use our products, we promise as follows:

pre-sale service commitments:

1. The manufacturing and inspection of racking, all procedures have quality records and detection data.

2. Shelveswill be packed, loaded and shippedaccording to theindustry standards orour factory export productsstandard packing after strict inspection.

3. Under the condition of equal competition, our factory will ensure the product quality based on keep the product technical performance and not change the product components,we have good faith to provide you the most preferential price.


Sale service commitment:

1. Using the nationalunified《industrial products sales contract》sign a contract with you.

2. Consciously abide by the provisions of the contract law, ensure the smooth performance of the contract and technical agreement.

3. In order to guarantee the quality ofrackproducts, all materials use domestic shelf industry’smaterial or international famous brands with high quality, provide you with quality productson schedule...

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