Rack Support Building
Rack Support Building
Rack Support Building
Rack Support Building
Rack Support Building

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Rack Support Building

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Rack Clad Building System(EBIL-TECH-RCBS)

The rack and building roof, etc. form an indivisible whole, with the roof load directly supported by the rack column, and the 

enclosure (wall) structure of the building installed on the column at both sides. The rack is usually combined beam type one. 

The rack should not only meet the requirements of storage and transportation functions, but consider the building functions 

such as day-lighting, lighting, electric, ventilation, heating and fire protection; it should not only consider the load of cargos 

on storage location, additional movement loads and combinations of handling equipment, but consider the effects of building 

and its external acting load, earthquake and other environmental factors and their combined loads, such as wind load, rain and 

snow load, earthquake load and roof overhaul load. Moreover, it should plan, design and calculate the other related equipment 

and structure of the warehouse structure, and also consider the operation management mode and control mode of the whole 

system. Compared with the separated warehouse, it enjoys lower construction costs and shorter construction period.


India Drive in Rack Clad Building Case


Thailand Rack Clad Building Case


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