Maint of AS/RS

Automated Stereo warehouse itself is mechatronics automation equipment, the need for regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance, and the automation of three-dimensional warehouse equipment has many components, long time high frequency operation, components must have wear, aging, damage phenomenon, equipment often failure and affect the normal production needs, so it is necessary to timely, correct, Effective maintenance, can make the automatic stereo warehouse to maximize and meet the original design, manufacturing standards and technical requirements, and can ensure the safe and reliable operation of automated stereo warehouse equipment, reduce the failure rate and extend the service life of equipment.
                                              Cold storage equipment maintenance                       Angie Logistics Asrs project                         Stacker crane in maintenance

                                       Software system maintenance                    Chengdu project maintenance                Shuttle and stacker crane  project maintenance

Promise of maintenance service in the library:
1. Regular maintenance. Arrange personnel to perform maintenance according to the maintenance rules.
2. Promptly respond and repair equipment in case of sudden serious malfunctions. If the customer's technical personnel cannot effectively troubleshoot, they can notify
us in a timely manner. After receiving the call, we must arrive at the site within 24 hours to resolve the equipment malfunction.
3. Regular follow-up visits: Our company sends professional technical personnel to conduct regular follow-up visits every six months.
4. We provide 24 * 7 telephone technical support services

Weguarantee to do the following:
1. Our company will develop a detailed, feasible, and professional inspection and maintenance plan, arrange work schedules reasonably, and have excellent professional
   technical personnel.
2. Our company will improve the inspection and maintenance tools and measuring instruments.
3. Our company is responsible for replacing damaged parts.
4. Provide a detailed equipment inspection and maintenance report after the completion of the inspection and maintenance work.
5. Our company's personnel strictly abide by the customer's various rules and safety regulations during the construction process. 

                                            List of Maintenance and upkeep for Vertical Warehouse 

1.Maintenance items for stacker cranes 

2.Support (walking drive) 

3.Mechanism (lifting drive)

4.Cargo platform (load platform) 

5.Sliding fork 


7.Control cabinet 

8.Optical sensing equipment, remote control equipment 

9.Ground operation panel 

Conveyor maintenance project 

Conveyor maintenance project 

Radios Shuttle maintenance project 

MCT Control system maintenance items 

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