Radio shuttle Rack
Radio shuttle Rack
Radio shuttle Rack
Radio shuttle Rack
Radio shuttle Rack

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Radio shuttle Rack

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Radio Shuttle Rack is a kind of new storage solution. This system consists of forklift, racking system and shuttle. Forklift carries goods

 onto shuttle. Shuttle automatically take the goods into racking system and come true the storage function. Radio shuttle can work 

continuously so the whole work efficiency is enhanced. 


With the increasing demand of industrial scale production and warehouse intensive storage, the storage of pallet runner has 

gradually won praises from customers because of its high storage density, low cost and high efficiency. Radio shuttle rack mainly  

applications: semi-automatic pallet runner, Shuttle carrier system , shuttle cart and Stacker Crane system and multi-directional pallet 

runner and so on. Ebil Intelligent has also developed the kind of pallet runner high-speed edition, low-temperature version, and 

heavy-load edition.




1. High density storage system, more than 80% of the warehouse space utilization.

2. Can fulfill both FIFO/LIFO access mode, more convenient than any other racking systems.

3. Forklift no enter into racking, Safer for forklift operator.

4. Turnover speed enhanced, work efficiency improved.

5. Electricity automated system, reduce energy consumption, save cost.


If you're interested in our cold and normal warehouse high density storage semi-automated storage pallet radio shuttle racking system, welcome to place orders with our factory. As one of the leading Radio Shuttle Racking manufacturers in China, we can assure you that our products are in line with the highest quality standard of RMI, AS4084, FEM, CE, etc. And the customized orders are also welcome.





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