Telescopic cantilever rack
Telescopic cantilever rack
Telescopic cantilever rack
Telescopic cantilever rack
Telescopic cantilever rack

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Telescopic cantilever rack

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EBILTECH telescopic cantilever rack is based on ordinary cantilever racking, for the cantilever is endowed with free telescopic function, in access to

irregular or longer items (furniture, tubing lumber etc.), turn the winch, cantilever can be freely retracted, convenient for bridge crane operating.

1) Composite structure

2) Size and capacity can be fixed by users

3) Mainly used for storage of long, circular or irregular shaped goods

4) High quality steel, plastic sprayed surface and many colors optional

5) With specific advantages for storage of strip type cargoes, such as tubing and plate

6) According to loading capacity, it can be divided into single side cantilever rack and double-side cantilever rack

7) Cantilever racks are modularly designed and equipped with special upright shafts and high-tensile cantilevers, used primarily for storing long

profiles, tubes and pipes, and sheets.

8) Customized designs for sizes and loading capacity available

Main parts

The storage method for steel square tubes of different lengths, using telescopic cantilever rack for stacking steel on the ground, not only takes up
space, but also makes inventory inconvenient to count. It is also a waste of time and a safety issue for workers to access. Therefore, using telescopic
cantilever rack for storage management is a good storage management method. The hanging alarm of the shelves is adjustable, which is more
convenient for workers to access and operate compared to traditional cantilever racks. The racks themselves occupy a small area but have a large
storage capacity, A set can store dozens of tons, with more than ten storage locations to choose from .

Instructions for using hand cranked telescopic cantilever rack

Step 1: Gently shake the handle next to the rack, the cantilever will extend out of the rack and the goods placed on it will extend along with the rack.

Step 2: Each layer has a control handle, and you can shake the handle of the layer you want to pick up. The storage of goods alone is not affected;

Step 3: Use cranes, cranes, etc. to lift the goods on the rack, directly access them, and operate them by a single person, saving manpower;

Step 4: No need for additional vehicles or reserved alleyways, saving a lot of space for enterprises, especially suitable for small space storage.

Step 5: After storing and retrieving goods, shake the handle again, suspend and retract, storage speed is fast, time is saved, and safety is higher;

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