Roll Out Honeycomb Rack
Roll Out Honeycomb Rack
Roll Out Honeycomb Rack
Roll Out Honeycomb Rack
Roll Out Honeycomb Rack

  • Category : Long Material Racks
  • Custom service : Yes
  • Payment : L/C, T/T, Western Union, D/P, MoneyGram
  • Place of delivery : NanJing, China

Roll Out Honeycomb Rack

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Roll Out Honeycomb Rack is such a long pipe storage rack, when your long metal pipe raw material storage hope to effectively use

the aisle space, to achieve the maximum stock demand. The product to be the best choice . It is specially designed for metal pipe

warehouse, dedicated to the rapid access of metal pipes and rods. It is a pipe storage rack that supports customized storage space

according to your workshop and commonly used pipe products. We have designed a drawer tray or pulley support structure for storing

materials at each storage position, which can slide smoothly. Helps our operators easily insert and remove any material. We have compared

the convenience of this product. The entire access process requires only one operator in a safe and fast manner, with great flexibility in the

case of individually packaged shipments or stored materials. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Advantages of honeycomb rack

The honeycomb rack gives you instant access and offers you the perfect solution for the storage of tubes, bars, flat bars and/or angles.

Fully customized with each application, the honeycomb rack is designed in modular construction, allowing it to be extended into unlimited adjustable slots.


Modular construction, rack can be extend unlimited, easily increase storage slots.

Convenient to classified and management of materials.

Good base for creating a steel platform to increase storage space

Compact storage capacity with big loading -standard loading 3tons per slot.

Quickly access with a crane or forklift.

Tray can be extracted 100% so that the storage goods can be fully accessed.

Prevents damage to the sensitive material surfaces.

Customized Products.

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