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The pallet Palletizer is used in the empty pallet conveying system of automated three-dimensional warehouses or ordinary warehouses. It is used in combination with various conveyors. It is a kind of robot used to disassemble and stack items stacked on pallets. It separates the pallets one by one on the conveyor line and transports them on the line. According to different product types and actual needs, the palletizing robot can be programmed to improve the efficiency of the palletizing work. The driving power is all pneumatic, with high efficiency and quick response. Nowadays, palletizing robots have been widely used in all walks of life.

Advantages and characteristics:

1.       Automatic control with high efficiency.

2.       Unmanned operation and good safety.

3.       Customized production and strong applicability.

4.       Reduce labor cost and high efficiency.

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