Straight line RGV shuttle
Straight line RGV shuttle
Straight line RGV shuttle
Straight line RGV shuttle
Straight line RGV shuttle

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Straight line RGV shuttle

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In the automated logistics conveying system, the shuttle is an important conveying equipment. Its structure is simple, maneuverable and flexible. According to the site working conditions, you can choose straight line operation, ring-type operation or Heavy-duty traverse operation. The automated shuttle can replace a large number of ordinary conveying equipment and its automatic control efficiency is high.


The shuttle can also greatly simplify the process and reduce the floor area. Therefore, it is widely used in logistics system. RGV Straight line shuttle is mainly used in various high-density warehouses storage, which can improve the storage capacity of the whole warehouse.

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Advantages and characteristics:

  • Used in various high-density warehouses storage and improving the storage capacity of the whole warehouse.

  • Stable performance; fast running speed; improve overall efficiency

  • Automatic control; multi-position linkage; can be connected to multiple conveyor sites; improve the degree of automation in the factory

  • Straight track operation or curved track operation (optional)

  • Customized design, carrying a variety of carrying tools

  • Frequency conversion control or servo control (optional)




Brand                                                EBILTECH

Self-weightkg                          800kg

Size (mm)                                       2000*1400*850

Capacitykg)               150kg

Conveying surface height                 810mm

Transfer method                               chain type

Transfer speed (m/min)                   12 m/min


Walking speed


No-load speed (m/min)      MAX100 m/min

No-load acceleration (m/sec2)    0.3 m/s2        

Full load speed (m/min) MAX    80 m/min

Acceleration at full load (m/sec2)   0.3 m/s2



No-load running positioning accuracy            ±5mm

Positioning accuracy of full load walking        ±5mm

Docking mode                                                           8Bit docking, tasks and handshake of loading and unloading


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