Sheet Rack System
Sheet Rack System
Sheet Rack System
Sheet Rack System
Sheet Rack System

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Sheet Rack System

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Metal Sheet Tower

The tower with a selectable floor plan and height, consists of a very robust welded structure, adapted on the inside

 for vertical storage of individual handling units. The containers of the handling units are of welded construction, 

dimensioned according to typical transport formats and weights of steel plate. The extractor, which is part of the 

lifting manipulator, moves the handling unit horizontally from/to the storage position in the tower, while the lifting 

manipulator moves the unit vertically from/to the transfer position. The design of the (mobile) dispensing table at 

the transfer point provides a "lift" of the material on the container, allowing whole bundles of boards to be transferred 

using a forklift truck. The handling of individual boards is usually carried out by a suction vacuum manipulator or 

magnet. For multi-tower systems, the transfer point can be designed as front, rear and/or side (depending on the tower design options).


Automatic Vertical Sheet Storage System


Automated Storage Systems are Better



Much safer than fork truck retrieval.

Eliminate material damage.

Raw Material and in-process part storage in one unit.

Optional Removable storage trays can be relocated to the work area.

Reclaim valuable floor space with efficient material storage.

Reduces material changeover times by up to 75%.

Reduces disruption in adjacent work areas.


Roll-Out Sheet Racks


Roll-Out Sheet Racks adopts a drawer-type structure design, which makes it easy to store and count sheets. It occupies a small space and can
store large quantities of sheets in a small space. It is very convenient to store and use. The plates are arranged neatly on the rack, and each drawer
stores one kind of plate. When used, the drawer can be pulled out directly. The operation is simple and one person can complete the access of the
plates. It is fast and safe, and can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Sheet Rack is ideal for organizing and managing your sheet metal well,such as steel sheets, Aluminum,Plates, Flat products, and tools. It optimize your
vertical and floor space, improve work efficiency and creating a safe work environment.


1. Increase storage density and use more vertical space.
2. Organizing steel inventory efficiently by size, type, and material type..etc
3. Heavy duty storage Equipment with max loading 5tons per drawer.
4. Each roll out drawer can be extended completely.
5. Lock-in, Lock -out for each drawer,it is safe during operation.
6. One single person can be quick operated by lifter, vacuum,magnet, hoist.
7. Create a safer workplace and reducing material damage during handle material.
8. Complement laser cutting, shears, press brakes and other production machinery.

Vertical Roll out Sheet Racks


Roll out vertical sheet metal rack is better for organizing and managing your sheet metal well and keep worker safe and protect sheet materials.

Suitable for small sheets, scattered sheets, large sheets scraps, leftovers, semi-finished sheets, special storage requirements of the sheets, etc.


1. Sheets will be quick overview and selected easily

2. Roll out sliding units can be pulled out 100%.

3. Loading capacity is no more than 700kgs per roll out unit

4. Single people can be operated easily ,so save time and labor.

5. 3 degree slant to prevent slipping sheets and protect valuable metal material

6. Save space and make workshop more clean and orderly, also keep worker safe.

7. Vertical rack can be designed”front-back”and “left-right”move style


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