Pallet dispenser
Pallet dispenser
Pallet dispenser
Pallet dispenser
Pallet dispenser

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Pallet dispenser

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The purpose of the automatic pallet dispenser is to stack empty pallets and reduce the floor space. By connecting with the automated production line ports, the automated AS/RS warehouse ports, and the conveyor line ports, the pallet dispenser pick up and stack those empty pallets generated by the production line or the automated AS/RS warehouse. Then the pallet group is stored in the pallet temporary storage area after the stacking is completed.


The pallet dispenser machine is a good solution to the automatic accumulation/replacement of pallets in the process of automated operation, and is an important part of automated logistics.


Advantages and characteristics:

1.       The pallet dispenser machine can be customized.

2.       Automatic control; saving labor cost; high work efficiency

3.       Integrated management (optional)

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