Pallet stacker dispenser
Pallet stacker dispenser
Pallet stacker dispenser
Pallet stacker dispenser
Pallet stacker dispenser

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Pallet stacker dispenser

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It integrates pallet sorting and stacking / placing functions. The cam is driven by the drive motor to drive the operation of the shaping plate to realize the pallet arrangement function. With targeted product design, the machine suit for various materials pallet shaping. The operation of the equipment should be stable and reliable, and the whole machine should start and stop smoothly, without slipping or impact. It can sort 11 pallets at one time , 60~80 pallets per hour. It can save manpower input and improve comprehensive benefits.



Advantages and characteristics:

Save manpower and reduce labor costs

Automatic control to improve work efficiency

Easy installation; low operation and maintenance cost


Technical parameter

Outer size: L1750*D1750*H2300MM

Conveying weight: 1200KG/PCS

Rate: 12m/min

Motor Power: 1.5 kw * 2


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