Box chain conveyor
Box chain conveyor
Box chain conveyor
Box chain conveyor
Box chain conveyor

  • Category : Automation storage equipment series
  • Custom service : Yes
  • Payment : L/C, T/T, Western Union, D/P, MoneyGram
  • Place of delivery : NanJing, China

Box chain conveyor

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This equipment is used for the transportation of bins and is generally used in Automated Warehouses. Effective conveying width: 600 ~ 2000 mm



Advantages and characteristics:

1. Simple structure and convenient maintenance. Light-loaded, beautiful, easy to assemble and match

2. Modular design, easy to install

3. Low input cost and high operating efficiency

4. Automatic control, stable performance

5. Mature technology on demand

6. Safety guardrail (optional)

7. Single/double chain roller type (optional)

8. Chain conveyor (optional)

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