Radio shuttle racking Solution
Radio shuttle racking Solution
Radio shuttle racking Solution
Radio shuttle racking Solution
Radio shuttle racking Solution

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Radio shuttle racking Solution

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EBIL TECH Radio Sshuttle Racking System Solution


EBILTECH Radio Shuttle Racking Solution  Advantages and Characteristics

1. Increased volume ratio;

2. Higher warehouse-in/out efficiency than manual forklift;

3. Manual remote control, realizing semi-automatic warehouse in/out;

4. Out-of-stock mode: First in first out/first in last out;

The advantages of the EBIL TECH radio shuttle car used in the three-dimensional warehouse:

1. Own independent patent

2. Undertake more than 100 shuttle projects from well-known companies, and EBIL TECH intelligent products sold well in more than 100 countries in domestic and aboard.

3. The EBIL TECH radio shuttle suitable for all kinds of pallets and has more complete functions.

4. Delivery in 15 working days( standard product)

5. Original imported accessories; Quality assurance; With ISO, SGS, CE certification; preferential prices.

6. Prompt response and service in 24 hours

7. Greatly reducing management costs and ensuring the safety of employees.

8. Reducing operating costs

9. Improve warehouse efficiency

10. Reduce product damage

11. Increase pallet throughput.

12. Provide customers with Automated Warehouses that improve efficiency and reduce costs



The EBIL TECH Radio Shuttle is suitable for various types of pallets





Case Show:

RADIO 1.jpg  RADIO 2.jpg



Cold Warehouse Case

RADIO 3.jpg  RADIO 4.jpg



Case details:


The objective shelves’ geometry size:

Length: 13.5m, X (row) direction

Width:13.15m,Y (column) direction

Height:6.925m,Z (level) direction

There are 4 levels, 10 rows and 10 columns for the shelves. So, there are 400 bays.






Dead load: shelf weight.  

Live load: goods in every bay, weight is 800kg, which is divided by two and distribute on beams of both sides. 

One beam is assigned distributed force with value 3920N / LB, LB is length of the beam. Thus, there are 3 types of distributed force, 2.61N/mm, 3.02N/mm and 3.14N/mm, responding to 1500mm, 1300mm, 1250mm length.

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