Automatic sorting system
Automatic sorting system
Automatic sorting system
Automatic sorting system
Automatic sorting system

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Automatic sorting system

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Automatic sorting system selects random goods of different categories and different destinations in warehouse or on shelves by 

product category or product destination, and conveys them to warehouse delivery loading location in accordance with the system 

requirements of the path.


Applicable Range:


With the improvement of social productive forces and the increasing variety of commodities, the sorting of goods in the fields of 

production and circulation has become a sector which consumers time and efforts, occupies a large area, has high error rate, and 

complicated management. Therefore, the material sorting and transport system has become an important branch of material 

handling system. It is widely used in the circulation centers and distribution centers of various industries, such as posts and 

telecommunications, express, aviation, food, medicine, e-commerce logistics.

弹出轮(斜导轮).jpg    滑雪推块(滑块、推块).jpg

     skew derivation wheel                     Slide shoe pushing bock(slider,pushing bock)      


交叉皮带.jpg   摇臂

               Crossed belt                                                    Rocker                            

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