High Quality


EBILTECH has passed CCC and ISO9001 certification, its products and equipments have passed CE certifications, and its accessories are imported from well-known brands. All our products pass strict quality control and testing to ensure that each device has excellent performance and reliability.

Leading Technology


EBILTECH cooperate with top R&D teams at home and abroad to continuously innovate and improve technology to meet the needs of different customers.




Provide OEM/ODM services to well-known enterprises. We provide personalized solutions and customize the most suitable smart equipment for you based on your warehouse characteristics and needs.




Delivery was on time and the goods were accurate. Strict acceptance and considerate service.


Delivery on time


Delivery was on time and the goods were accurate. Strict acceptance and considerate service.


Warehousing equipment has huge advantages in warehouse management

 Improve efficiency: Intelligent pallet shuttles and stacker cranes can realize fast and accurate storage and retrieval of goods, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the warehouse.
  Improve efficiency:
  Reduce costs: Automated warehousing equipment can reduce labor investment and operating costs, bringing you considerable economic benefits.
    Jiangsu Ebil Intelligent Storage Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as "EBILTECH", is a high-tech enterprise headquartered in Gaochun High-tech Development Zone, Jiangsu. We are committed to providing various types of intelligent warehousing racks and automation equipment to enterprises, and providing warehousing equipment and after-sales maintenance services to many automation integrators. EBILTECH has more than 20 years of production and manufacturing experience and 16 years of R&D and design experience. The products include various types of racks, radio shuttles, shuttle carriers, multi shuttles, four-way shuttles, stacker cranes, high-speed elevators, automatic conveyors and other automated equipment.