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Stacker Crane Tank AS/RS Case

This project is EBIL TECH tailor-made Automated Storage And Retrieval System beside the production line. Weixing Co., Ltd. Project is divided into two phases.

The first phase consists of 3 warehouses, the second phase 6 warehouses, 9 lanes, 9 stackers and stock in/out conveying equipment. The plan has 5,000 cargo positions total and can realize the function of automatic storage and retrieval. The maximum speed of the stacker is more than 180 m/min.

The pallet labels are all barcoded for information management, and external dimension testing and verification are provided before storage to ensure the safe storage of goods.

Project advantages and characteristics

1.Modular equipment combination, automatic production, improving work efficiency and reducing working time

2.Immobilized storage efficiency

3.Storage method: random stock in/out

4.Good safety, reducing forklift collision

5.High density storage

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