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Thailand project

In order to solve the problems of low efficiency and high labor costs of conventional warehouses, the idea of introducing mechanized and automated logistics technology and equipment was established at the beginning of the construction of the warehouse. To this end, the warehouse uses advanced modern logistics equipment, including Four-Way Shuttle cart systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), conveyor systems, vertical lifting systems, etc., and is committed to build the warehouse into a collection of information, automation and intelligence in one of the comprehensive intelligent warehouse.

In this plan, it adopts four-way shuttle intensive storage system, with 5 floors, total 8 lanes, 4 four-way shuttle cart, 2 sets of vertical hoists, 1 set of conveying equipment for input and out of the warehouse. Four-way shuttle cart can realize can realize storey-changing operation. The storage space planned in the scheme can be fully automatic stock in/out and supports docking with WMS system. In the WMS system to order the warehouse operation, emergency status can be realized in the WCS system operation screen (need to add the information of stock in/out). Pallet labels should be barcoded.

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