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Indian Case

The rack clad building system is a storage racking system that is closely integrated with the roof and side panels with the rack as the theme structure. The integrated advantage of EBIL TECH rack clad building system is that it does not require a separate warehouse. The rack is both a unit for storing goods and a supporting structure of the building; the racking system and side panels can be constructed at the same time, which greatly reduces the construction time of the project; the wall panels and roof panels are directly attached. The assembly is carried out on the shelf, so the pillars that originally belonged to the building in the structure are eliminated, which improves the space utilization rate. The external loads that do not need to be considered in the design of ordinary racks, such as wind load, rain and snow load, etc., need to be taken into account in the design. It is precisely because of this that the library-rack integrated rack may need to be increased in the upright selection compared to the independent rack.

Project advantages:

1. High utilization rate of space and land area.

When the warehouse is built higher and higher, the cross-section of the building upright will become larger and larger when choosing independent shelves because the load-bearing capacity of the shelf upright is limited by the height, the space utilization rate of the shelf is drastically reduced, and the shelf-type shelf is affected by the warehouse. The impact of height increase is small, and it can maintain a very high utilization rate, which is of great significance in today's age of gold. The height of the built-in storage rack integrated shelf is generally above 24m

2. High construction efficiency

The construction site of rack clad building system is relatively wide, which is convenient for the operation of large-scale machinery. The installation of racks can be constructed at the same time as the roof and side panels, which effectively shortens the engineering time.

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