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As e-commerce has increasingly become the main channel of the retail supply chain, consumers are becoming more aware of various flavors of food. In order to meet the rapidly changing food market, product lines are being diversified. Meanwhile more SKU and flavor food orders are becoming smaller and more frequent. Manufacturers and distributors are struggling to find free space to store these products. Today, the only promising solution for competitive advantage from production to point of sale is flexible and scalable warehouse automation.

EBIL TECH has developed several different types of customization technologies for case handling packaging, and picking: conveying and scheduling. Product types range from pallets to boxes / pallets, and their functions vary depending on your customization needs.

EBIL TECH not only provides warehousing solutions for the food industry, but also provides Automated Warehouse and logistics system solutions that save manpower and material resources to industries such as manufacturing, tobacco, automobiles and electronics, new energy, medicine, chemistry, and cold chain.

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