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The new energy Automated Warehouse is an automated warehouse that adopts trackless roadway stackers as equipment for entry and exit operations. Its overall composition is similar to the automated warehouse of tracked roadway stackers. and is mainly composed of buildings, racks, trackless roadway stackers, tally area, management area and supporting machinery. According to the different structure of the shelves, there can be a variety of different layout forms, and the most common layout form is the unit-cargo lane automatic warehouse. In the design of automated warehouses, properly determining the size of the cargo compartment is a very important design content, which is directly related to the utilization rate of the warehouse area and space, as well as whether this system can successfully complete the storage and retrieval operations. The value of the gap is mainly determined by the rack installation error, the deformation of rack and other equipment when loaded, the control mode of stacker (manual or automatic), installation error, positioning accuracy, and the deflection deformation of the upright. Generally speaking, the smaller the clearance is, the higher the accuracy and deformation requirements of the equipment. Conversely, the larger the clearance, the easier it is to enter and exit goods. Under the premise of ensuring the smooth progress of the warehouse operation, the gap size should be minimized to help improve the space utilization of the warehouse.

EBIL TECH not only provides warehousing solutions for the new energy industry, but also provides automated warehouse and logistics system solutions that save manpower and material resources to industries such as manufacturing, food, tobacco, automobiles and electronics, medicine, chemistry, and cold chain.

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