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What factors need to be considered to establish an intelligent warehouse or high-bay warehouse?

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First of all, to build an intelligent warehouse to distinguish it from the plant, the plant is used for a wide range of purposes, can be used as a temporary workshop or power distribution room, etc., but the intelligent warehouse is only used as a supply chain storage unit, so in terms of scope, the plant contains the warehouse

So what aspects do you need to pay attention to to build a smart warehouse?

【Site selection】

1. Consider the convenience of logistics and transportation

Warehousing is a very important intermediate link in the logistics supply chain, where the transportation and distribution process is very important for the entire chain, so it must have convenient transportation conditions, it is best to be close to the transportation hub for layout, and the express companies around the warehouse are as complete as possible to meet customer requirements

2. Consider surrounding facilities and equipment

Considering warehousing and transportation, the location of the warehouse must take into account the environment around the warehouse, not too close to the city, otherwise the cost of renting land is too high, and it cannot be too remote, so as not to reduce customer orders, not to mention, transportation is not convenient

3. Facilities in the warehouse

The warehouse must set up a fire passage, prepare a sufficient number of fire fighting facilities, the facilities need to have the fire department after acceptance, and the focus should be on the supply of the warehouse, water, electricity, heat, gas and other aspects need to have complete considerations, in order to ensure the operation of the warehouse and the life and office problems of the warehouse staff

【Mandatory requirements of the warehouse】

1. For the floor and walls of the warehouse

The floor of the warehouse needs to be about 10-15 cm higher than the outside of the door to prevent the overflow problem caused by excessive rainfall, the wall of the warehouse needs to have a layer of temperature lock sandwich, the wall paint can use waterproof white paint, the wall should also be reasonably buried in drainage pipes and other drainage methods to prevent unnecessary accidents caused by excessive water storage on the roof of the shed

2. Requirements for warehouse height

The height of the warehouse should be as high as possible to facilitate the construction of shelves and anti-theft, and at the same time install some lighting panels at the top and around the warehouse to ensure the lighting in the warehouse

3. Unloading platform of warehouse

Generally, the entry and exit of goods in and out of the warehouse will follow the principle of entering and exiting the same port, and the warehouse is in and out frequently, so the installation of the loading and unloading platform must meet the quality requirements.

4. Warehouse columns

The establishment of the column must take into account the future shelf layout, can not be limited to the present, unreasonable column spacing may lead to waste of site area during shelf layout, thereby affecting future work efficiency

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