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Share: How to build an efficient and high-quality logistics distribution and warehousing center?

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With the progress of people's lives and the progress of demand for daily goods, the current logistics distribution service can be said to be very convenient and fast, when we can enjoy the timely appearance of the package, do not forget that there can be such a timely delivery, the back is supported by a high-quality logistics distribution center. For users of demand delivery services, there is a high-quality logistics distribution center, which can make the delivery of goods more safely and efficiently.

So if you want to build a high-quality logistics distribution center, you must first understand the process of the logistics distribution center, that is: first the goods are stored, and the logistics distribution center conducts a series of operations such as information entry, goods inspection, and storage location allocation according to the warehousing of the goods, and distributes the incoming goods; Immediately after that, it is sorted and distributed, and after storage, according to the distribution demand plan, the goods are picked up and sorted, and the corresponding outbound processing is made; Then there is the delivery and distribution, which allocates the delivery personnel and vehicles, allocates and loads the goods and delivery methods, analyzes and selects the delivery route, and delivers the goods to the user in a high-power manner.

It is necessary to know that the logistics distribution center is an important link in the complex supply chain handling, which directly affects the power and cost of logistics. So, how to build an efficient and high-quality logistics distribution center? First of all, there are the following policies that we need to analyze and consider:

1. Environmental Policy

The construction of a good logistics center should first start from site selection, and the two primary considerations for site selection are: 1) economic environment factors, economic environment factors first include the flow of goods, urban development direction, traffic bento, land price, outlets, etc.; 2) Natural environment elements, the so-called natural environment elements mainly include geographical factors, climate factors, for example, in the south need to consider summer sun and ventilation problems, while in the north need to consider winter sand and northwest wind.

2. Construction policy

After the site selection is completed, the next step is to enter the planning stage of the logistics center, at which point the attention is relatively narrow. Generally follow the fundamental principle of from outside to inside, from shallow to deep, gates, roads (generally one-way lanes are not less than 4.5m, two-way lanes are not less than 7-8m, busy systems require wider roads), parking lots, platforms and canopies, construction area, column network, floor (single-floor construction, if you choose an automated stereoscopic library, the recommended floor height is 24m; If you choose a heavy-duty shelf, the height is preferably below 15m; For multi-storey construction, if you choose shelves or attics, the height of 6.7~7m is more suitable), fire protection zoning and so on.

Third, the warehouse policy

The construction needs of the logistics distribution center analyze the planning policy and influencing factors of the warehouse. The planning policy requires an in-depth analysis of the throughput of warehousing and outbound, and clearly defines the user's order volume and its own storage volume, as well as the storage turnover period. It is also necessary to have a clear understanding of the impact factors, such as the throughput during the peak period and the normal throughput, the forecast for the next 2-3 years, etc., confirm the budget and project policy, and select the corresponding sorting equipment, transfer equipment, warehousing software system, etc.

4. Equipment policy

Planning a rigorous and regular logistics system is not a simple work, it is also classified as a kind of detailed work, of course, the most important thing is the selection of equipment. In the process of selecting what kind of equipment, the most important point is still to look at the specific items of the logistics center, as well as the storage power that needs to be achieved; Of course, the cost performance of the equipment is also an important part of our needs to consider. However, regardless of the logistics center in the industry, the need for satisfactory inventory and throughput talents can match the planning and demand.

5. Warehouse planning policy

Generally speaking, the details and policy plans of the warehouse fundamentally determine the planning of the warehouse, but in the function of the warehouse, it is still necessary to carry out detailed planning of each area. The receiving area and the inventory area occupy most of the area of the warehouse, and the planning of these functional areas should be in line with the warehousing and outbound, the reasonable allocation of the corresponding planning, and the analysis of the time period and quantity of receiving goods under normal circumstances, the number of trucks and staff that can be carried. Secondly, there are sorting areas, processing areas, etc., which need to be planned for the functional characteristics of these areas.

Of course, in addition to these five policies arising at different stages of logistics center planning, there are also two key policies that run through the planning of logistics centers, namely cost and power, and talking about the optimization of logistics centers without these two policies is tantamount to seeking distance from the near. In most cases, power and cost are mutually restrictive, and improving power and reducing cost is the entire policy sought by logistics system planning and operation. The cost mainly includes two parts: construction cost and operation cost, and fundamentally, the policy of logistics center planning and research is how to control the cost under the premise of satisfying the growing demand. Power can also be divided into two parts: one is the operation ability of the unit time, and the other is the fundamental performance of the service level, and these two points are also closely related to the cost. People who know the logistics center should know that the specific requirements of the logistics system are still first and foremost manifested in the 6R, that is, at the right moment, the right goods, according to the right quantity, in the right state, along the right direction, accurately delivered to the right customers, together this is the key evaluation policy of logistics center services, but also the fundamental purpose of logistics center construction and production.

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