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Pallet Runner

  • Ebil Metal

1.“EBILMETAL”Master appearance and function of intelligent shuttle
01 Lift table 02 Battery cover
03 Road wheel 04 Bumper block
05 Identification of A/B face
06 Rescue car connection
07 Car No.
08 Photoelectric switch
09 Digital display 10 Switch on
11 Switch off 12 Warning lamp
13 Photoelectric ranger
2. Pallet Size Specification
Number Standard Pallet Size

Chinese National Standard
1 L1200×W1000mm

2 Korean and Japanese L1100×W1100mm

National Standard

Es standard L1200×W800mm

American Standard
4 L1219×W1016mm

5 Specialized of Chinese L1250×W1000mm


Non-Standard Pallet Size

3. Function Introduction
Number Function Characteristic

1 Manual in-out-stock Press the remote manually to achieve single


2 Automatic in-out-stock Press the remote manually to achieve automatic

in-out-stock for many times

3 First in, First out / Achieve in-out-stock at two ends of single

First in, Last out line

4 Locating shuttle Use buzz to locate shuttle out of vision

5 Battery level indication Display the remaining amount of electricity to

facilitate the operator to charge in time

6 Self-protection function Function to stop car when meet obstacle

7 Rescue function Specially designed rescue car in case of failure


8 Automatical arrangement Function to arrange the pallets on rail in place

9 Automatical count Function to count cargo under certain rule

4.Technical Performance and Parameters
Item  The Specification

1  Suitable Pallets

1.1  Standard Pallet W1200×D1000mm

1.2  Size Range Available W1100~1250; D800~1100mm

1.3  Styles of Pallet Bottom  ” Type

1.4 Material of Pallet  WoodPlasticSteel

1.5  Deflection of Pallet Max 20mm

2 Total Weight of loading Max 1500Kg

3  Model of Running nside the two rails

4 Data of Running

4.1  Running Without Loading 0.9m/s

4.2 Running With Max Loading 0.8m/s

5  Data of Lifting

5.1 Time of single lift 3s

5.2 Distance of life 45mm

5.3 lift Height form rail 20mm

6 Size of Equipment

6.1 Outside Dimensions L×D×Hmm 1100×950×176

6.2 Total Weight of Equipment 240Kg

6.3  Plate Size of Equipment L1000×W170mm

6.4  Inner Width of Two Forks 230mm

6.5  Width of Single Fork 200mm

7  Driver Motor for Running 24V, 550W

8 Wheels of Running Φ120mm Polyurethane

9  Driver Motor for Lifting 24V, 550W

10  Battery Packs Capacity 24V, 80AH

11 Weight of Battery Packs 14Kg

12  Numbers of Charge-Discharge > 800

13  Duration of Charging 6 hours

14  Remote Controller Sweden  869.8MHz  3V

15  Methods of remote Control Hand-Set Remote

16  Model of control  Handling/自动 Automatic Model

17  Temperature of Warehouse Normal: 0~45; Cryogenic :-1~-35

18  Programmable Logic Controller Siemens PLC

19  Voltage of Controller Loop DC 24V

20  Noise Peak of Running 70DB
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