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EBIL GROUP modern production base of racking system, automated equipment manufacture

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The EBIL GROUP Gaochun production base was officially put into use in June 2020. The production efficiency and product quality has been greatly improved, and it laying a solid foundation for the rapid development of European standard intelligent.


Since its establishment, EBIL GROUP has developed rapidly and is a fast-growing high-tech intelligent manufacturing enterprise. With the continuous growth of the company and the continuous improvement of business volume, the improvement of productivity has become an urgent problem to be solved. So our new Gaochun factory began construction.

The completion of the new factory can be said to be a reform of the enterprise’s productivity. We replaced the old production equipment, introduced a large number of high-tech new equipment such as qualified and complete continuous CNC stamping, high-precision rolling forming, robot automatic welding, automatic shot blasting, automatic spraying and other dozens of automated production lines, nearly 100 sets of metal processing and cold working CNC general-purpose machine tools. EBIL GROUP is committed to the manufacturing, assembly capabilities and software research and development of high density shelves, all kinds of ordinary shelves, shuttles, multi-layer shuttles, sub-cars, stackers, conveyor lines, etc., covering machinery, electrical control, software, etc. areas.

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We will uphold the enterprise spirit of "integrity first, customer first" and are willing to cooperate with all friends for common development, mutual benefit and win-win, and make unremitting efforts to create a better tomorrow.

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