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Do you know what the advantages are of the four-way shuttle system?

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First, most of the 4 way shuttles currently on the market can only reciprocate on a linear track, but the four-way shuttle is different. It is equivalent to an intelligent warehouse robot that can pass wireless networks and warehouse management systems (WMS) connect, and then cooperate with the hoist to go to any position in the warehouse, so that it is a three-dimensional shuttle in the true sense.

Second, the flexibility of the four-way shuttle three-dimensional warehouse is also very high. It can not only change the lanes at will, but also adjust the operating capacity of the system by arbitrarily increasing or decreasing the number of four-way shuttles. In addition, because the four-way shuttle asrs system is modular and standardized, all four-way shuttles can be replaced with each other, and the task of the problematic four-way shuttle can be continued by any other four-way shuttle.

Third, the safety and stability of the four-way shuttle asrs warehouse system is higher than that of the traditional shuttle garage. For example, if a hoist breaks down, the four-way shuttle system can use other hoists to continue to complete the work, and the system's operating capacity is hardly affected.

Fourth, the four-way shuttle asrs warehouse system is also very advantageous in terms of overall cost because the cost of an ordinary multi-layer shuttle or miniload stacker system is closely related to the number of roadways, if the order volume is increased without increasing the inventory, each additional roadway in these systems will increase the corresponding cost. Produced, but if you use a four-way shuttle system, you only need to increase the number of four-way shuttles, so the overall cost will be lower.

In addition, the capacity curves of the multi-layer shuttle system and the miniload stacker system change in a trapezoid shape, that is, when the number of equipment increases, its operating capacity will increase step by step rather than linearly increase, but it is four-way The capacity curve of the shuttle system can be adjusted very smoothly. In other words, the four-way shuttle system is not only suitable for low-traffic, high-density storage scenarios, but also suitable for high-traffic, high-density storage and picking scenarios. The four-way shuttle system can provide the best warehousing solution to meet customer warehousing needs.

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