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Why should enterprises build intelligent warehouses and what are the advantages?

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The establishment of intelligent warehouses is equivalent to making a series of warehousing actions have the ability to think, and unmanned operations solve

inefficient and high-cost manual warehousing. In recent years, labor costs have become higher and higher, and China's demographic dividend has gradually

disappeared. Compared with traditional warehouses, intelligent warehouses can not only reduce labor costs, save human resources, but also be used in

special environments, such as toxic environments, extreme climates, high-level safety protection needs, etc., which makes intelligent warehouse systems

will be very broad in the future.


In recent years, land has become more and more expensive, land has become a scarce resource, and enterprises can only make maximum use of limited land

resources by establishing intelligent warehouses. This is because the intelligent warehouse uses a high-level vertical warehouse shelf system to store goods,

space utilization can be maximized, land costs can also be reduced, the use of intelligent warehouse, compared with the traditional warehouse, 40% of the land

area can be saved. Intelligent warehouse use warehousing software to manage to avoid losses, the use of computers for warehouse management, warehouse

management system can record and monitor the detailed data of incoming goods, in order to avoid deterioration of goods, natural aging or rust, warehouse

management system can achieve goods first-in-first-out and automatic inventory, etc., in the process of goods handling some damage or loss of goods and other

losses can also be managed to be reduced. Software stereoscopic intelligent warehouse software is powerful, can extract data, all authorized managers can find

real-time data in time.


The intelligent three-dimensional warehouse system in the warehouse out and in the warehouse are controlled by the warehousing software, and can accurately and

quickly transport the goods to the designated location, the logistics transportation vehicle waiting for loading and unloading time is reduced, the storage turnover

efficiency of the warehouse is greatly improved, and the storage cost is also reduced. In addition, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise can be reflected, which

can not only enhance the overall image of the enterprise in the eyes of customers, but also improve the system management level of the enterprise.
Jiangsu EBIL Intelligent Storage Technology Co., Ltd., "EBILTECH" for short, is committed to enterprise automation three-dimensional warehousing logistics planning

and design, system integration, project implementation and after-sales maintenance. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, 16 years of R & D design

experience. Headquartered in Jiangsu Gaochun High-tech Development Zone, it provides all kinds of shelves, shuttle panels, shuttle mother cars, multi-layer shuttle

vehicles, four-way shuttle vehicles, roadway stackers, high-speed hoists, automatic conveyors and other automation equipment integration services, and can customize

products and systems according to customer needs.

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