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Why are pallet shuttles so popular in smart warehouses?

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The advantages of shuttle car in logistics and warehousing are gradually receiving widespread attention. Here are its advantages:

  1. High automation: Shuttle cars use advanced sensors and control systems to automatically identify and pick up goods, greatly improving the automation of operations, reducing labor costs, and avoiding errors in manual operations while improving the accuracy of the work.

  2. Efficient and flexible: Shuttle cars can quickly shuttle between shelves to achieve fast storage and retrieval of goods. Their flexible path planning capabilities make shuttle cars more efficient when dealing with complex logistics environments.

  3. Precise cargo management: Shuttle cars use advanced recognition technology to monitor the location and quantity of goods in real-time, enabling precise management of cargo. This refined management approach improves inventory transparency and controllability.

  4. Strong adaptability: Shuttle cars have strong adaptability and can handle different shelf types and cargo forms. Whether it is heavy goods or light goods, whether it is a flat warehouse or a three-dimensional warehouse, shuttle cars can respond flexibly, greatly improving the utilization of warehouses.

  5. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: Shuttle cars are powered by electricity, which has lower energy consumption and fewer emissions compared to traditional forklifts and other mechanical equipment. This is in line with current energy-saving and environmental protection trends in society.

  6. Low maintenance costs: Due to the relatively simple structure and control system of shuttle cars, their maintenance costs are also low. At the same time, the failure rate of shuttle cars is low, which reduces operational costs.

In summary, shuttle cars have clear advantages in the logistics and warehousing sector. With the continuous improvement of technology and the expansion of application scenarios in the future, shuttle cars will play a greater role in the development of the logistics and warehousing industry, bringing more possibilities.


The core functions of the radio shuttle:

The radio shuttle is used in the core automation equipment of the pallet intensive storage system. It sends the pallets from the receiving end to the shipping end according to the production process, and arranges the pallets equidistantly at the preset tray spacing.

The radio shuttle cooperates with stackers and shuttle carrier to realize fully automatic storage operations, and cooperates with high-load forklifts to realize semi-automatic storage operations, which can realize first-in-first-out (FIFO) and first-in-last-out (FILO).

EBIL TECH Radio Shuttle Advantages:

  1. 1.     Own independent patent

  2. 2.      Maintain long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known companies (LG, Master Kong, HOUNG FUH, Weixing Co., Ltd.). We provide services not only for end customers but also wholesalers.

  3. 3.     Delivery in 15 working days( standard product)

  4. 4.     132 cases have been completed.

  5. 5.     Customers are distributed in 18 provinces, 3 autonomous regions, 2 Special Administrative Regions, 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government, 106 countries around the world.

  6. 6.     Products passed CE, SGS, ISO certifications

  7. 7.     Original imported accessories

  8. 8.     Three normal colors (gray, yellow, red), other colors can be customized

  9. 9.     It can not only used in normal temperature warehouses, but also cold storage (-40℃) warehouses, which are the first choice for the cold chain industry

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