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Why are pallet shuttle racks growing in popularity? What are the reasons to choose a pallet shuttle

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With the development of modern economy and technology, people's needs are gradually increasing, and in order to meet the continuous needs of consumers, warehousing and logistics links are gradually strengthening. As a semi-automatic and multi-functional storage equipment, Pallet Shuttle Rack is also increasingly popular with different industries. So with so many different kinds of shelves, why is Pallet Shuttle Rack becoming more and more popular? And what are the reasons to choose shuttle racks? Eurostandard Intelligent This article will introduce you to several reasons to choose Pallet Shuttle Rack, as well as the reasons for its popularity!

The reasons for choosing Pallet Shuttle Rack and the reasons for its popularity are as follows:

Operational efficiency

Choosing to use pallet shuttle rack can greatly improve the efficiency of operations, and if you use pallet shuttle rack system, the storage area can become more flexible, and at the same time, different types of goods can be stored in different areas for better management. When used with forklifts to access goods, pallet shuttle rack forklifts do not need to enter the rack to access goods, and a worker can operate multiple shuttles at the same time, greatly reducing the waiting time of operations, greatly improving work efficiency, convenient and fast and improving storage density.

Increase the available space

Radio shuttle rack tracks are side-by-side design, can be made into many rows, and can achieve more depth of space, than other shelves to reduce forklift aisles, space utilization is naturally high, ordinary heavy-duty rack space utilization 30% ~ 35%, drive-in shelf space utilization 60% ~ 70%, and radio shuttle rack space utilization up to about 80%. Because many aisles are saved, the area available for storing goods is increased, improving space utilization. With shuttle operation, the number of forklifts can also be appropriately reduced, thereby reducing labor costs.

Access mode

Radio shuttle rack has more access methods than ordinary shelves, and radio shuttle rack can achieve two access methods, namely first-in-first-out and first-in-last-out, so it has more advantages than ordinary pallet racks.

In terms of the number of goods

Radio shuttle rack each track can achieve 35 space depth, compared to other ordinary shelves, it can be said that there is too much more location depth, other ordinary shelves in one-way out, the general location depth is controlled at about 7, and only when two-way out of the warehouse, can reach more location depth, but at most only controlled in about 14 space depth.

Loss of goods storage

It is important to know that traditional warehouses are prone to losses if they are bulk goods. For example, in order to store more goods, it is often stacked three or four layers, but it may cause losses to the goods on the bottom floor. In addition, there are problems caused by moisture and collisions, which will inevitably cause more losses in the long run. The radio shuttle rack can achieve the purpose of reducing the loss of goods storage in this aspect, because the storage is divided into a cargo location, and the goods are not affected between each other, so the possible problems are reduced.

Cargo management

The shuttle equipment on the Radio shuttle rack can sort and count the palletized goods on the track according to the instructions of inventory and sorting, which greatly reduces the management cost, and also ensures the safety of employees, which is a new choice for palletized goods storage.

In terms of operating costs

Although the cost of Radio shuttle rack is higher than that of general shelves, it is much lower than that of automated stereoscopic warehouses, which is more cost-effective and can be effectively applied in all walks of life. And from the current use point of view, its cost investment is still worth it, after all, the shuttle rack has reduced the number of employees by more than half, labor costs have been saved, and work efficiency has improved.

Of course, no matter what kind of shelf, we should choose a shuttle rack with higher corrosion resistance. EBILTECH Radio shuttle rack is made of high-quality steel, which plays a pivotal role in the surface treatment of anti-corrosion shelves in the entire production process, pre-machining treatment, debugging of processing equipment, post-machining treatment, surface passivation treatment, coating treatment strict control, to ensure the anti-corrosion performance of racking. In the process of later installation of the shelf, the use of some shelf accessories also guarantees the anti-corrosion performance of the shelf to a certain extent. For this reason, when selecting and using shelves, major enterprises should choose shelves with anti-corrosion performance, which can ensure the service life of the shelves and save costs for enterprises. At the same time, the surface of EBILTECH Radio shuttle rack also has degreasing treatment, passivation, electrostatic spraying treatment, and the style is also diversified, that is, there are beam type, shuttle type, corbel type, through type and other racking, which can provide different needs of major enterprises at any time.

Plot ratio

It should be known that in the same area of warehouse, the volume ratio of ordinary shelves is 34%, while the volume ratio of shuttle racks is as high as 75%, which shows that the volume ratio of shuttle racks is twice that of ordinary shelves.

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