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What should be paid attention to when designing a three-dimensional warehouse?

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1. Spatial information of the basic construction site of the warehouse

First of all, it is necessary to grasp the meteorological elements, landforms and other spatial information of the warehouse capital construction site, because different regional natural environments must choose different capital construction methods, so as to ensure the reasonable operation of machinery and equipment. For example, in coastal areas, it is necessary to pay attention to the corrosion of machinery and equipment by the cool sea breeze, and if the ground is sandy soil standard, there must be better regulations for the pile foundation to meet the load capacity of the vertical warehouse. Generally, coastal areas should also consider factors such as the risk of epoxy floor foundation settlement and the seismic grade of buildings.

2. The outer packaging style and specifications of the goods

When carrying out the design of the three-dimensional warehouse storage shelf, we must consider the outer packaging style and specifications of the goods, if we do not grasp the appearance of the goods, then it may lead to the inability to put into the storage shelf, or due to the non-compliance management of packaging, it may lead to the inability to reasonably identify the storage state, endangering the efficiency of work. For example, some goods are large-scale, one by one with hanging ears, etc., due to untidyness, may lead to frequent alarms and cannot enter the warehouse, thus endangering work efficiency.

3. Load-bearing regulations

When carrying out the three-dimensional storage shelf design scheme, it is necessary to focus on the load-bearing provisions of the storage shelf, the scale or scale of the goods to be placed, and the cost of raw materials and the amount of storage are decided, so the design should carefully know the customer's commodity scale range, and the overall planning of the most effective and efficient storage method, that is, it is not easy to lead to the consumption of the storage shelf, and also meet the diverse requirements of commodity storage.

The above are some standards and ideas for automation technology automation warehouse design scheme. Automation technology automation warehouse design scheme work is not easy, the development of the warehouse should not only be effective in the use and distribution of indoor space, but also need to meet its requirements in the installation equipment to ensure the efficiency of warehousing logistics. However, if a company wants to choose a suitable warehouse, it must first grasp its own requirements. In general, the design plan of the Liku should finally achieve the overall goal of saving land resources, reducing human capital, and improving freight logistics management capabilities.

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