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What problems need to be paid attention to when installing automated three-dimensional warehouse shelves?

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For today's major enterprises, the most important thing is the high efficiency in the work, so relatively speaking, creating three-dimensional warehouse shelves is a necessary stage to achieve maximum storage capacity and improve storage efficiency.

So what are three-dimensional warehouse shelves?

Three-dimensional warehouse shelf, it is an important part of ASRS, is the main body of ASRS, it is a structure or reinforced concrete structure of the building or structure, but also responsible for warehouse goods access operations of a variety of automation equipment.

Before using ASRS shelves, of course, the correct installation is the premise to ensure the safety of the use of stereoscopic libraries, so the question is, what do you need to pay attention to when installing ASRS shelves? The following European standard intelligence will analyze it in detail for everyone!

ASRS shelf installation, precaution one: installation benchmark

In fact, the installation benchmark is quite important for the three-dimensional warehouse shelf. In the construction of the building, it is necessary to determine the benchmark in advance, and the purpose of this is also to prevent unnecessary occurrence of some later things.

ASRS shelf installation, precaution two: track

The main requirement of this aspect of the track is the connection of the track, it is also an important precaution in the installation, if the track is unstable in many places, it will affect the use of ASRS shelves in the operation, and it will bury the possibility of fracture for future operations.

ASRS shelf installation, precaution three: grounding

Grounding, this is also quite important, because the three-dimensional warehouse shelf requires grounding, the purpose of this is to prevent static electricity damage to various equipment.

ASRS shelf installation, precaution four: safety pin

Safety pin is a common problem, but also easy to ignore the problem, sometimes when the operation failure is mostly caused by the safety pin, so before the operation, to develop the habit of checking the safety pin. Here we should also remind everyone that we must also attach great importance to the inspection of the height of the beam, and before the installation of the three-dimensional warehouse shelf, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the height before and after the beam, because it also plays an important part of the entire operation.

ASRS shelf installation, precaution five: foundation embedding

This kind of problem refers to the requirement of supervision and guidance during the installation process, when the problem is found, it can be solved and corrected in time, and unnecessary rework problems are avoided later. Everyone also knows that if it is reworked, it will affect the improvement of quality, extend the construction period, increase unnecessary capital costs, and also reduce work efficiency.

The first step of ASRS shelf is to install three-dimensional inventory, which is also the foundation of ASRS, when the foundation of the first step is solid, it will reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble; If problems occur at the bottom level, it will lead to intentional and unsafe operation in the job, which not only reduces work efficiency, but also causes a lot of unnecessary losses.

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