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What changes has smart warehousing made to the pharmaceutical industry?

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With the deepening of the reform of the pharmaceutical system, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce, pharmaceutical companies

are facing huge pressure to reduce costs, and the traditional pharmaceutical industry has high costs such as warehouse management, manpower, time and space

costs. Pharmaceutical logistics optimizes storage, sorting, distribution and other links to meet the stricter requirements of pharmaceutical supply and distribution.

Therefore, the requirements of pharmaceutical logistics are significantly higher than those of general logistics. Traditional medicine faces the following problems.

1. The inventory in the warehouse is placed chaotically, and there is no efficient and reasonable location planning and unified information process management.

2. The picking strategy has not formed a standard, and it is impossible to strictly control the entry and exit time and production date of the product.

3. Manual receipt and delivery, large workload, easy to have the wrong number of inventory, the accuracy rate is not high, affecting the distribution efficiency.


Through the intelligent warehouse management system, modern logistics information can be effectively processed, the warehousing system to digitalization, intelligent

progress, the system can independently perform inventory operations, can also be used in coordination and cooperation with other countries, can form a complete data chain.

1. Plan the location and function, use the WMS intelligent warehousing system to manage drug inventory, and make the location and quantity information of drugs more intuitive.

2. Provide efficient picking strategy, use intelligent equipment to easily complete the first in-first-out of products, which can solve the possibility of expired products in the warehouse.

3. Combine online and offline warehouse information collection, and use WMS intelligent warehousing system to realize online and offline integrated management, data visualization,and information automation.

4. The automated three-dimensional warehouse can make efficient use of space and improve the level of logistics allocation.

In the whole set of warehouse logistics management system, the three-dimensional warehouse is connected with the order picking area, equipped with a smooth conveying system anda mature high-speed sorting system, which can bring stable and efficient storage mode to pharmaceutical companies.

Jiangsu European Standard Intelligent Storage Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as "European Standard Intelligence", is committed to enterprise automation three-dimensional warehousinglogistics planning and design, system integration, project implementation and after-sales maintenance. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, 16 years of R & D designexperience. Headquartered in Jiangsu Gaochun High-tech Development Zone, it provides all kinds of shelves, shuttle panels, shuttle mother cars, multi-layer shuttle vehicles, four-way shuttle vehicles, roadway stackers, high-speed hoists, automatic conveyors and other automation equipment integration services, and can customize products and systems according to customer needs.


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