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What are the characteristics of ASRS racking systems?

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Automated warehouse racks usually use high-level racks, and their application in automated three-dimensional warehouses uses welding and combined rack. At the same time, appropriate rack parameters are selected according to the characteristics and customers’ requirements to store goods, so that the storage can reach maximum efficiency. EBIL TECH has more than 20 years of industry experience, undertakes a large number of automated warehouse racking projects, and can provide various customized racking solutions.

A shelf with a height of more than 5 meters is called a high level racking. Generally, the height of an automated warehouse shelf is between 15-20 meters. The higher, the more storage space it divides. For example, if the area is about 5,000 square meters and the height is about 20 meters, the ASRS racking system can reach about 20,000 pallet positions. High-level racks include: pallet racks, drive through racks, push-back racks, double depth racks, narrow aisle VNA racks and so on. The main structures upright and beam of the high-level shelf are made of high-quality Q235 steel, and the beams of the shelf are box beams.

The full name of the automated warehouse rack is called the automated three-dimensional warehouse rack, and the three-dimensional warehouse is an automated warehouse management system. It’s very high, which can maximize the space utilization of the warehouse in the height direction. At the same time, the ASRS system used in the high-level warehouse racking needs to be operated in conjunction with stackers, AGV trolleys, and conveying equipment. The advanced computer control systems WMS and WCS allow goods to be automatically and accurately stored in and out of the warehouse.


Reduce the footprint of the warehouse

Automated warehouses can also save labor costs, thereby avoiding personnel safety hazards and the risk of cargo damage

Automated warehouse can effectively improve the management level of the warehouse. Realize the overall optimization of the system.

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