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What are the advantages of pallet shuttle, multi shuttle, stackers crane and other equipment equipped with ASRS warehouses?

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Automated three-dimensional warehouse with shuttle, multi-layer shuttle, four-way shuttle, hoist, stacker, conveyor and other equipment direct cooperation, the overall work efficiency of the warehouse is greatly improved, then, what are the advantages of these equipment?

Core functions of the pallet shuttle :

The core automation equipment for pallet-intensive storage systems, which sends unit pallet materials from the incoming end to the outgoing end according to the production process, arranging the pallet materials equidistant with pre-set pallet spacing.

Cooperate with stacker cranes and mother trucks to realize fully automatic storage operations, and cooperate with high-level forklifts to realize semi-automatic storage operations, which can realize first-in-first-out (FIFO) and first-in-last-out (FILO)

Advantages of European standard intelligent shuttle:

— Manual remote control operation, semi-automatic warehousing and outbound

— Increase pallet throughput

— Independent research and development (utility model patent: jacking positioning mechanism patent, patent number: ZL 2020 2 0410234.4, design patent: shuttle car shell, patent number: ZL 2020 3 0172742.9)

— Perfect functionality for a wide range of pallets

— Original imported accessories

— Sizes and colors can be customized to perfectly match the racking system

— Reduce product loss

— Reduce management costs, operating costs, improve storage efficiency, and ensure the safety of employees

The European standard intelligent shuttle is not only used in normal temperature warehouses, but also cold storage shuttle vehicles that can be used in -40°C low temperature warehouses, which is the preferred choice in the cold chain industry.

Multi  shuttle

Multi shuttle features and advantages:

Powerful processing capacity: The multi shuttle three-dimensional warehouse has more than 10 times the capacity of traditional warehouses to process goods.

High utilization: High-rate feeding to picking stations increases the effective working time of picking personnel.

Accurate sorting: Accurate sorting of goods is presented to picking station personnel or palletizers

Suitable for a wider range of cargo types: The multi-level shuttle mode is suitable for different cargo sizes

Scalability: Easily add more shuttles at any level to further increase throughput

More layout and choice: Multi-level shuttle systems can be implemented anywhere underneath, above and above obstacles in the space to optimize existing warehouse space

Higher density storage: It can support the storage and handling of goods at multiple depths, and can be stored in non-fixed cargo positions after compacting the goods of different sizes. In addition, the upper and lower stations are connected by a lifting function to ensure maximum storage density and space utilization

Redundancy in reserves: The same interchangeable means of transport ensure quick replacement

Easier access to inventory and maintenance: The working platform in the roadway provides safe access to the goods for the operator and facilitates maintenance.

Four-way shuttle

Core functions of the four-way shuttle:

Four-way shuttle has advanced: four-way shuttle is mainly used in the automatic handling and transportation of palletized goods in the warehouse, is a collection of intelligent control, automatic handling, unmanned guidance and other functions in one of the intelligent storage equipment, European standard intelligent four-way shuttle can cooperate with the hoist, can complete the front and back, left and right, up and down six dimensions of operation.

The four-way shuttle has flexibility: the four-way car can automatically pick up inventory, intelligent leveling, automatic climbing, automatic lane change and layer change, and can also arrive at any direction of the warehouse according to customer needs, so that the warehouse space utilization rate is maximized, suitable for special-shaped warehouses; Can be combined with hoists to reach any height required by the customer

The practicality of the four-way car: the height of the four-way car is small, and the distance between the upper surface of the trolley trajectory and the ground is only 300mm, which can use the warehouse space efficiently.

Reliability of four-way vehicles: All equipment products and control components in the trolley use very reliable and sophisticated product accessories. The control system adopts concise and stable control elements, uses specific algorithms, and combines the trolley's own concise and solid mechanical structure to achieve the stable and accurate and fast reliable operation of the trolley.

Advantages of four-way shuttle intelligent warehousing:

1. The four-way shuttle can reduce the cost of investment and improve the utilization rate of storage space;

2. The four-way shuttle can travel in four directions and can reach any position in the warehouse; It has the ability to climb and automatically level;

3. Four-way shuttle power monitoring, automatic charging (multi-level threshold control)

Stacker cranes

The stacker crane can greatly improve the area and space utilization of the three-dimensional warehouse, reduce manual intervention, and effectively improve the operation efficiency and automation of the storage system. European standard intelligent can provide customers with single column stacker, double column stacker, turning stacker, double extension stacker and container stacker and other types of equipment, according to all kinds of products, regardless of size, light and heavy, tailor-made various types of stacker equipment. As an important transportation equipment in the three-dimensional warehouse, the selection of its type will directly affect the operation efficiency and economic benefits of the entire three-dimensional warehouse. Reasonable selection of stacker crane type will greatly improve the operating efficiency and economic benefits of the entire system.

Jiangsu European Standard Intelligent Storage Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as "European Standard Intelligence", is committed to enterprise automation three-dimensional warehousing logistics planning and design, system integration, project implementation and after-sales maintenance. We have more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, 16 years of R & D design experience. Headquartered in Jiangsu Gaochun High-tech Development Zone, it provides all kinds of shelves, shuttle panels, shuttle mother cars, multi-layer shuttle vehicles, four-way shuttle vehicles, roadway stackers, high-speed hoists, automatic conveyors and other automation equipment integration services, and can customize products and systems according to customer needs.

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