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What Are The Factors Concerned With Load Capacity of Storage Shelves?

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What are the factors concerned with load capacity of storage shelves? The loading capacity is a very key parameter for Storage shelves, Even though many storage shelves have very similar-looking, their load capacity have a large difference, then what are the factors influencing load capacity of storage shelves?
EBILMETAL RACK will answer you here: 
1. Raw Material:
There are many kinds of storage shelves, but most of their raw materials are steel plate, so the thickness of the steel plate is a key factor to determine the load capacity of storage shelves. The same appearance and specifications, Different raw materials, will determine different load capacity, service life and price.
2. Component Specifications:
In the process of storage shelf design, the size of the shelf will also affect its load capacity. Similarly, the specification of upright and the thickness of steel plate are all very important factor. For many storage shelves with high requirements of loading capacity, you can strengthen their load capacity by adding cross brace.
3. Design Technology:
As the storage shelves develop more and more professional, more and more shelves manufacturers begin the job of innovation and research and development in storage shelves’ design. Now some shelve manufacturers claim that they have made a great breakthrough in the loading capacity by making full use of the mechanics principle, heavier loading capacity is available with the same specifications and raw materials.

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