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Warmly welcome HONEY WELL leaders to EBIL TECH for the work of inspection and guidance.

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Honeywell (HONEY WELL) is a Fortune Global 500 high-tech company, founded in 1885, and its history in China can be traced back to 1935. Their high-tech solutions cover aviation, building and industrial control technology, characteristic materials, and the Internet of Things. We are committed to the deep integration of the physical world and the digital world, using advanced cloud computing, data analysis and industrial Internet of Things technologies to solve difficult economic and social challenges. In China, Honeywell has long used innovation to promote growth, and implemented the strategy of "East Serving the East" and "East Serving the World".


The site of the visit is located in EBIL GROUP Gaochun factory. Firstly, the leadership  visited our production workshop. The EBIL GROUP introduced a large number of high-tech new equipment, with qualified and complete continuous CNC stamping, high-precision rolling forming, robot automatic welding, automatic shot blasting, automatic There are dozens of automated production lines such as plastic spraying, and nearly 100 sets of metal processing and cold-working CNC general machine tools and equipment laboratories. Then the leadership visited the EBIL GROUP automation product assembly workshop and the core product display area. Our automation equipment includes shuttles, multi-layer shuttles, four-way shuttles, hoists, conveyors, etc. Our Gaochun factory has built automation storage rack system for customers to visit, so that customers can more intuitively understand the composition, structure and working methods of the rack system. Through the above understanding, it can be seen that EBIL GROUP is an intelligent manufacturing company with excellent strength. The HONEY WELL leadership team gave us a high degree of recognition and praise.


EBIL GROUP has undertaken more than 10,000 projects so far, and has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad for its professionalism. Since its establishment, EBIL GROUP has developed rapidly and is a fast-growing high-tech intelligent manufacturing enterprise. We will uphold the spirit of "integrity first, customer first" and we are willing to cooperate with all the friends for common development, mutual benefit and win-win, and make unremitting efforts to create a bright future.

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