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Warmly celebrate the successful signing of another four-way shuttle system for new energy project

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Recently, EBIL GROUP signed a contract with a new energy company in Xiamen for a four-way shuttle system project. This project is divided into 2 warehouses. The equipment includes the rack system, 8 sets of four-way shuttle, 5 stackers of 18M, 5 stackers of 16m, 4 RGV, multiple jacking transfer equipment, and power transmission lines.

The four-way shuttle project system is an efficient storage solution that can perform fast and accurate sorting and picking operations, saving space and having greater flexibility.

The four-way shuttle system has a complete warehouse management (WMS) level and a strong warehouse equipment control (dispatch) capability (WCS), so it can ensure the stable and efficient operation of the whole system.

In recent years, the four-way shuttle racking system has been widely used in electricity, food, medicine, cold chain and other industries. It is especially suitable for special-shaped warehouse layouts. It is suitable for high-density storage and is also suitable for operations with more product specifications and fewer batches.

Advantages of four-way shuttle racking system:

l  The four-way shuttle system scheme can make full use of the warehouse space and have more pallet positions.

l  The four-way shuttle system solution has the function of being able to randomly out of warehouse, so it can avoid warehouse shifting and shifting, and the efficiency can be maximized;

l  The operating efficiency of the four-way shuttle is flexible and controllable. If there is demand for efficient growth, you only need to increase the number of four-way shuttle car and the workload of the project transformation will be very small, or even zero;

l  The project investment is low, and the quantity of equipment is equipped according to the efficiency of the customer's demand. While meeting the customer's demand for efficiency, the cost investment can be reduced;

l  The design of the adjustable upright height makes it simpler of rack installation, so the rack installation accuracy will be higher.

Core functions of four-way shuttle car:

l  Advancement: The four-way shuttle is mainly used for the automatic handling and conveying of pallet goods in the warehouse. It is an intelligent storage equipment integrating intelligent control, automatic handling, unmanned guidance and other functions. The EBIL TECH four-way shuttle can cooperate with the hoist to complete the six dimensions of front and back, left and right, and up and down operations.

l  Flexibility: The four-way vehicle can automatically inventory and pick up, intelligent leveling, automatic climbing, automatic lane and layer change, and can also reach any position of the warehouse according to customer needs, so that the warehouse space utilization rate can be maximized. The 4 way shuttle racking system is suitable for special-shaped warehouses and can be matched with hoists to reach any height required by customers

l  Practicability: The height of the four-way shuttle cart is small, and the distance between the upper surface of the trolley's track and the ground is only 300mm, which can efficiently use the warehouse space.

l  Reliability: All equipment products and control components in the 4 way shuttle car is very reliable and sophisticated. The control system adopts simple and stable control elements, uses specific algorithms, and combines the simple and solid mechanical structure of the trolley to achieve the purpose of stable, accurate, fast and reliable operation of the shuttle car.

Application scenario of EBIL TECH 4 way shuttle:

  • The four-way shuttle car can be used in intelligent intensive raw material warehouse, semi-finished product warehouse, and finished product warehouse;

  • The four-way shuttle car can be used for the central warehouse of logistics transshipment;

  • The four-way shuttle car can be used in the workshop line side warehouse of the smart factory;

  • Four-way shuttle car can be used in fruit and vegetable storage and cold storage;

  • Four-way shuttle car can be used in unmanned black light warehouses.

In recent years, smart warehouses have been widely used in various industries. EBIL TECH can customize smart logistics warehousing solutions for customers. We produce radio shuttle, multi-layer shuttle, four-way shuttle, shuttle carrier, and stacker. EBIL TECH meet the needs of enterprises for modern logistics warehousing solutions and make logistics warehousing more intelligent.

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