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Unique Advantages of Radio Shuttle Racking System

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The radio shuttle racking system is a high-density storage system composed of racks, radio shuttle and forklifts. This efficient storage method is to improve the utilization of warehouse space and bring customers a new storage choice! The high-end new warehouse management system of radio shuttle racking system has injected a new concept into the operation and space storage of pallets. Compared with traditional rack storage and fully automated warehouses, it has its own unique advantages.

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Let's learn the working principle of the radio shuttle rack system firstly:

Loading: With the remote radio controller’s order, the pallet runner transport the pallet into the tunnel of the racking system from the home position, then returns for the next pallet.

Picking: With the remote radio controller’s order, the pallet runner carries the pallets out of tunnel to home position or forklift to pick.

Transferring: The pallet runner can be transferred to the other tunnels by forklift. And the quantity of the pallet runner is decided by depth of tunnels, quantity of pallets through put, load ad pick frequency, etc.

The unique advantages of the radio shuttle racking system are embodied in:

Floor area ratio: The radio shuttle rack system has a compact structure. Compared with ordinary racks, it reduces forklift channels and increases the number of pallets; the space utilization rate of ordinary racks is 30%~35%, and the space utilization rate of drive-in racking system is 60%. ~70%, but the space utilization rate of the shuttle rack system can reach about 80%.


High-density cargo space: Each track of the shuttle rack system can achieve 35 cargo space depths, which is far from the general racking system.


Low cost: Compared with ordinary racking shuttle racking system, the cost is relatively high, but it is much lower than the cost of the automated three-dimensional library, and the cost-effectiveness is higher. Colleagues reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency.


Convenient cargo management: The shuttle can automatically tally and move goods according to the instructions of the remote control, so the shuttle can sort out the goods in advance and move them to the roadway. When the goods are to be shipped, the forklift can directly take it away, saving waiting time.


High safety performance: The structure of the shuttle rack system has a high safety factor and a stable structure. All parts are closely connected to ensure the safe and stable operation of the rack system. In addition, the forklift does not need to enter the aisle to access the goods, which also guarantees the safety of shelves, goods and personnel.

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EBIL METAL has its own research and development patents, and has undertaken more than 100 shuttle projects from well-known companies. European Standard Intelligent products sell well in 18 provinces, 3 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities, and more than 100 countries around the world. The European standard smart shuttle is suitable for all kinds of pallets, and is not limited by the shape of the pallet. EBIL METAL can provide you with an exclusive customized racking system.

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