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Teardrop Pallet Rack

  • Ebil Metal

Teardrop Pallet Racking is another kind of Pallet Racking as customer’s request, it is very popular for American Market, Step Beam and Wire Deck are available according the using request. Pitch of upright is 2 inch ( 50.8mm ).


1.strong and stable teardrop selective pallet rack 

2.spring automatic safety locks 

3.various uprights and beams options

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Uprights Features: 

1) C type Section and Omega type Section are available 

2) Frame Bolted or Welded 

3) Steel thickness is 15ga, 14ga , 13ga


Beams Features: 

1) Spring automatic safety locks 

2) Both Step beam and Box beam are available 

3) Special 3 or 4 rivets beam brackets  




                   P Beam Section Drawing 


Ebilmetal Teardrop Pallet Racking Advantages:

Teardrop Pallet racking has 2 beam pitch for optimum capacity & space utilisation & the end frames are 14 Ga and 13 Ga thickness, and beams are 14 Ga and 16Ga both available. 


• Heavy Duty Shaved Rivet Connectors Please note 3 shaved rivets not 2 . We also have weld style unpainted universal ( NO right and Left hand ) one does it all. 


• The frames are bolted together for maximum load bearing capacity & have the advantage to be able to adapt to changing circumstances. We can also supply the Welded Type use for earthquake area. 


• With the use of galvanised mesh panels or Pallet Support Bars, Teardrop pallet racking can be conveniently converted to high capacity shelving in North America Market. 


• Connecter and Safety Clip .Note the High Quality X stamp in the rivet head and even the safety rivet.

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