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Storage Shelves is An Important Part of The Commodity Circulation

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Storage shelves is an important part of the commodity circulation, and also an important pillar of storage shelves, storage shelves, storage and storage of goods and goods through the specific place, is to provide a place to store shelves, storage and storage of goods, storage, control the process of storage shelves. Specific place is to provide a place to store and protect the function, such as warehouse, large vessel, yard, goods, the freight yard and other specific site. The nature of storage shelves can be summed up as follows: storage shelves is the production of material products continuous process, material storage shelves also create the value of products; storage shelves activities occur in a specific place, storage shelves, storage shelves can be the object of production information, can also be raw materials, but must be kind. Storage shelves have both static and dynamic storage, including the process of storage, storage and control;
Technology and application of storage shelves and the original shelves, storage shelf of modern logistics technology promotion is self-evident. Only the rationality of the structure design and the ease of installation, the superiority is obvious, safe and efficient application, due to the substantial increase in technology, so that the shelves in the premise of ensuring the absolute safety of the storage density and the use of space, more convenient and quick access. For example, now the construction of large As/rs system,including mezzanine rack, cantilever rack, etc.have great performance and characteristics.

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