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Storage Shelves Industry: Economies of Scale to Enhance Overall Competitiveness

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Automated Storage & Retrieval System
In recent years, the development of automatic three-dimensional storage system is very fast, are currently made to the construction of logistics systems integrators warehouse, of course, the automatic three-dimensional storage shelves are also provided by the domestic several large shelves manufacturers, such as Jingxing,INFORM, EBIL, WAP etc.,
Automatic three-dimensional storage system in the contractor, the high-end foreign brands have Dematic, Tai Fook, as well as Japan and Taiwan brand, such as Murata, Okamura, Formosa, MIRLE etc., domestic strongest Queensland boat , north and north since, in addition to the East, today international. 2008 on the construction of a number of domestic warehouse. Logistics has been listed as the tenth largest industrial revitalization plan, future national investment in this area will increase, therefore, along with economic development, the development prospects of automated storage shelves will also be enormous.
Shelf export market conditions
In recent years, the export of Racking grow very fast. Our domestic enterprises always depend on their own advantage (price and L/C payment) in international markets. Because the competition is drastic in the domestic market, many companies are focus on develop the foreign customers. However, from the beginning of 2008, with the sharp decline in the dollar, after the 2008 Spring Festival, the steel raw material prices soaring, like the worse, on the shelves of export enterprises had a significant impact. Coupled with the impact of the international financial crisis began in October 2008 on China's real economy, so far in 2009 total export market downturn, making the original export business as the main market shelves serious shortage of production capacity, which plunge into the competitive domestic projects being.
Development Trend
With the development of modern logistics industry, modern logistics people for value-added services to provide a deeper understanding. As the logistics chain in the basic storage device - shelves, will conform to the trend of the times, the development mainly in the following two aspects:
 First, companies not only provide storage shelves shelf products, we will provide the overall direction of a range of storage solutions for the development of modern logistics industry requires the use of modern technology, the means to improve the efficiency of logistics, which requires companies not only provide shelf shelf products, to the user's perspective, with professional skills to provide proper storage solutions. This has become an added value to the customer service, in the fierce competition in the market, who can create greater customer value, who are more likely to win. When shelf companies just beginning, is to provide shelf products, then customers will propose how to use the shelf issue. Therefore it requires companies to provide shelf shelf layout and design. However, after customers shelves, we solve the storage problem, warehouse management will face a series of problems, which hope shelf company offers a complete range of shelf labels, bar code scanning, storage management software and a series of warehouse operations overall solution program, which will become a bigger and stronger shelf enterprise development direction.
Second shelf to larger scale enterprises to develop in the direction from the standardization of products, new product development start to scale to reduce production costs. In the fierce price competition, companies must reduce costs, while the cost of 70% of all steel shelving, processing fees can save space is very small, only continue to strengthen product development by fully saving materials to develop new product models, and by product continuous standardization process to reduce manufacturing costs. Moreover, the cost of the plant in a high proportion of fixed costs, and only in the case in order to increase production more cost-sharing, therefore, through large-scale production and standardized production, the company will be shelf improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the main directions.
Shelves for domestic enterprises, although in 2009 the situation is grim, in order to seek survival and development in the domestic market in a fierce competition, but in the long run, the industry still has broad prospects for development. The current situation on the domestic shelves companies put forward higher requirements, who in the year 2009 through the economic winter, practicing their own internal strength, who could win the fierce competition.

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