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Multi Shuttle



Core Functions

Inshuttle car is drove by both AC/DC, running on the guide rail to pick the feedboxes by the clamp to the specified location, and put the feedboxes from racking entrance to inside.. ,


High speed, precise positioning

Both single depth and double depth are available

High picking speed


4m/s Max speed

2m/s Max acceleration speed

50KG Max load

PLC Control Unit

Double depth Multi shuttle Characteristics:

Self-weight: 97.5Kg Single-drive fork length :1.3m
Speed: 4m/S Acceleration :2m/S²
Efficiency: 0-100 pieces/h Safety voltage : DC48V
Load : within 50kg Power supply mode: power supply by sliding contact line, super capacitor , battery powered


1. Avoid errors due to complex and continuous manual operations

2. The quantity and location of materials in the warehouse are displayed in real time without inventory.

3. Save labor cost. The multi shuttle can workall the time as long as there is electricity

4. The layer can be changed at will in the same tunnel by the level-shifting elevator.

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