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Mezzanine Rack Use in What Kind of Warehouse Have Advantage

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Mezzanine Rack are commonly used shelf as the supporting of the floor the post steel structure floor, floor level, integrity, strong carrying capacity of strong, even low cost, fast construction, suitable for high warehouse, small goods, manual access, access to large amount of cases, can make full use of saving the warehouse area.

Actually choose attic shelf advantage a lot:
1, the Mezzanine Rack suitable for storing various types of goods.
2, the Mezzanine Rack can promote shelf height, make full use of the storage level, better use of storage space.
3, attic shelves floor laid special floor, compared with the plate or just grating layer ability strong, integral sex is good, uniform, smooth, easy to lock, etc.
4, Mezzanine Rack give full consideration to the logistics of human nature, beautiful design, structure and easy, stereo sense is strong, materials for high quality carbon structural steel, internal quality, performance, appearance is very superior, installation, convenient disassembly, according to field a flexible design.
Fully integrated structure, stereo sense is strong, high quality carbon structural steel, quality, load, appearance is very superior, according to the practical need, designed to be flexible layer or multilayer attic, suitable for storing goods more varieties less quantity, attic shelf floor of level off, the dust, debris, small don't fall into the downstairs, downstairs lighting wiring can be hidden and beautiful, widely used in automobiles, electronics, machinery and other industries.
According to the actual site and specific requirements, the floor may be, usually 2 to 3 layers, the bottom shelves can use medium shelf, heavy shelf and so on the many kinds of shelves, it is not only goods storage system, is also the strong point of the upper weight, with stairs, guardrail and electric lift platform and other auxiliary facilities.

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