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Introduction of beam rack / pallet rack

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The beam rack is one of the types of storage racks with simple structure, safety and reliability, The pallet rack can be adjusted and combined arbitrarily, and the entry and exit of the warehouse is not restricted by the order of items.

  1. 1.       Beam: It is composed of a weighing rod and a clip. The beams has P-shaped, square-through, and box beams. The rack upright and beams are connected by clip. The beam can be adjusted up and down by pitch 75mm.

2.       Column frame: It is composed of a column, horizontal bar, diagonal tie rod, and a back-to-back connecting rod. The upright height can be based on the different needs of customers but it should be multiple of 75mm.

3.       Safety devices: anti-collision bars, anti-collision columns, foot guards, etc., when operating machinery and equipment, prevent accidental impact on the shelf to protect the rack.

4.       Supporting devices: span beams, steel laminates, barriers, etc. The matching device can be selected according to actual needs.

5.       Related equipment: such as pallets, storage cages, steel bins, metal mesh cages, forklifts, etc.

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