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Intelligent warehousing: It can reduce costs and increase efficiency

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Intelligent warehousing refers to the Internet of Things technologies such as automatic perception, automatic control, intelligent warehousing robots, intelligent information management, mobile computing, and big data to improve the speed and accuracy of data input of goods in all links of the warehouse, accelerate the operation of goods, and improve the efficiency of warehouse management. Compared with traditional warehousing, the role of intelligent warehousing can be summarized into two aspects: cost reduction and efficiency increase.

In terms of cost reduction, the traditional warehousing industry is a typical labor-intensive industry, with strong repetition, more manual labor, poor working environment, and low rate of return, so labor costs continue to rise. In intelligent warehousing, intelligent machines can replace about ninety percent of manpower, greatly saving labor costs.

In addition, through three-dimensional warehouses and other means, vertical space can be fully used to expand the storage capacity per unit area, further improve the utilization rate of storage space, and save 87% of the land area compared with traditional storage.

In terms of efficiency improvement, through management technologies such as automatic control and intelligent decision-making of big data, as well as the application of automatic guided vehicles, intelligent shuttle vehicles, intelligent storage robots, robotic arms and other equipment in the warehouse, intelligent warehousing can effectively improve the operational efficiency and management level of warehousing, loading and unloading, handling, sorting, distribution and other warehousing links. By reducing the participation of people in the warehousing link, the use of RFID, AI, big data and other technologies to promote the smooth operation of the information flow of all links of warehousing, so as to improve the efficiency of goods in and out of the warehouse.

Jiangsu European Standard Intelligent Storage Technology is committed to enterprise automation three-dimensional warehousing logistics planning and design, system integration, project implementation and after-sales maintenance. With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and 16 years of R&D and design experience, it provides all kinds of shelves, shuttle panels, shuttle mother cars, multi-layer shuttle vehicles, four-way shuttle vehicles, roadway stackers, high-speed elevators, automatic conveyors and other automation equipment integration services.

Eurostandard Intelligent always attaches importance to product innovation and research and development, has its own R & D team, and long-term cooperation with many well-known domestic universities to continuously improve the technical strength of enterprises. European standard intelligent products have passed CCC certification and CE certification of European VOV laboratory, and have obtained a number of national patents and software copyrights, which can tailor an intelligent warehouse solution suitable for you to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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