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European standard intelligent dense storage intelligent three-dimensional warehouse

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With the continuous development of high and new technology, with the rapid development of science and technology, information technology, automated production technology and commercial economy, the handling, storage, distribution and corresponding information of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and various materials in the circulation link required in production are no longer an isolated thing. The intelligent three-dimensional warehousing has the characteristics of high space utilization, strong ability to enter and exit the warehouse, the use of computer control and management and conducive to the implementation of modern management of enterprises, and it has also become an indispensable warehousing technology in enterprise logistics and generation management, and is increasingly favored and valued by major enterprises. So the question is, what kind of management system is the intelligent stereoscopic library, and what advantages does it have? And how does it work? The following is the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse manufactured in the European standard intelligent storage shelf, let's see how it solves all this?

Intelligent stereoscopic storage, that is, it is also an automated stereoscopic warehouse, is an important part of enterprise logistics. As a logistics system, the use of advanced technology can not only improve the efficiency of operations, but also reasonably control the amount of inventory, but also reduce logistics costs, continuously improve the level of enterprise management, and then achieve the role of improving the economic benefits of enterprises.

The architecture of the European standard intelligent intelligent stereoscopic library consists of:

Intelligent three-dimensional storage is mainly composed of shelves, roadway stacking cranes (stackers), inbound and outbound workstations, dispatching control systems and management systems. Combined with different types of warehouse management software, graphic monitoring and scheduling software, bar code identification and tracking system, handling robot, AGV trolley, cargo sorting system, stacker address recognition system, stacker control system, cargo location detector, etc., it can realize a variety of three-dimensional warehouse operation modes such as single-machine manual, stand-alone automatic, online control, and network control in the three-dimensional warehouse, realize the three-dimensional storage, automatic access and standardized management of warehouse goods, which can greatly reduce storage and transportation costs, reduce labor intensity, and improve warehouse space utilization.

Features of European standard intelligent stereoscopic library:

The shuttle automatic intelligent stereoscopic warehouse can realize the functions of automatic handling, access, inventory, and storage of the whole pallet of goods in the dense storage stereoscopic warehouse, and can also meet the needs of high-density, high space utilization and highly intelligent warehousing of the shelves dense storage. Among them, the four-way shuttle can not only rely on its own mechanism to complete the two-coordinate direction, cooperate with the hoist to complete the functional coverage of different floors and different roadways, but also realize automatic storage and storage solutions through WMS/WCS control. The scheduling monitoring and management system of automated warehouse (WC/MS) is to use computers to realize the operation process control, real-time monitoring and logistics information management and tracking of all equipment of automated warehouse system (Automated Storage/RetrivalSystem). Moreover, the track between shelves can be flexibly arranged according to the depth demand, and its flat cargo capacity can be on average 20% higher than that of the stacking hangar. At the same time, this intelligent three-dimensional warehousing is not only seamless standardized management, big data cloud computing, help enterprises save space, but also can use the Internet remote control, three-dimensional placement of goods, efficient use of storage space, separate as intelligent cloud storage cabinet, storage of various valuables, applied to all walks of life. It also has the characteristics of simple installation, but also can reduce labor costs, help enterprises reduce investment costs.

European standard intelligent three-dimensional warehouse warehouse management system

The benefits that the European standard intelligent intelligent stereoscopic library can bring to enterprises are as follows:

1. The intelligent three-dimensional library can greatly change the overall management level of the warehouse, and the computer system can be used to control the mechanical equipment in the warehouse during operation, which is quite different from the previous employee operation. First of all, it reduces manual labor, and secondly, it is more convenient in management, there is no need to convey tasks to employees as before, managers as long as the computer to the relevant mechanical equipment to give instructions, the equipment will automatically complete the relevant operations, the overall operational efficiency of the warehouse increases.

2. The intelligent stereoscopic warehouse can increase the utilization rate of warehouse space, and it can improve the space utilization rate of the stereoscopic warehouse by using it, and its space utilization rate can reach 2 to 3 times that of ordinary storage shelves. Because it adopts a mechanical automation access mode, that is, there is no restriction on the way of access, and high-rise storage shelves can be used to increase the utilization of warehouse space.

Scope of application of European standard intelligent intelligent stereoscopic library:

The scope of application of intelligent three-dimensional warehousing is still relatively extensive, and its applicable industries include: electronics industry, medical industry, shopping malls and supermarkets, chain industries, plastic hardware, toys and gifts, hardware accessories, auto parts, daily necessities, food and agricultural products, power tools, electrical appliances, small household appliances, e-commerce warehousing, etc.

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