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EBIL METAL reminds you several aspects should be paid attention to when placing goods on storage shelves

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With the continuous popularity of e-commerce, how to quickly deliver goods to customers has attracted more and more attention from merchants and consumers. How to quickly access goods is a problem that warehouses must consider, and the placement of storage shelves is a key factor, and reasonable storage shelf placement can significantly improve work efficiency. Here, European Standard Intelligence has compiled a list of things that you need to pay attention to when placing storage shelves:

1. Don't go back

The basic principle of the distribution guarantee is not to go backwards, and whether it is the same for the order delivery or the supplier's arrival, it must be guaranteed that the goods are executed on the same straight line.

2. Shelves guide the way

The scientific and reasonable premise of product ranking is that the shelves guide the way. And the shelves are customized according to site size and SKU box specifications, and include pillars and downpipes. European standard intelligence also reminds that the principle of ensuring that there are no exposed columns in the shelf passages. The arrangement of the shelves is also regular. It is arranged in vertical order by brand. The new product shelves are listed in front of the storage shelves, the best-selling shelves are listed next, the flat-selling shelves are listed behind, and the slow-selling shelves are the farthest. In this way, the principle of stacking goods with high turnover in the shortest distance is guaranteed; goods with high turnover are directly put into and out of the warehouse, and delivered to the courier from the supplier's finished product warehouse.

3. Speed comes first

To ensure the principle of the supremacy of speed: E-commerce is faced with retail customers, with strict requirements for speed and accuracy. Our 1/10,000th error is a 100% error for our customers. It is unrealistic to rely solely on the control of process nodes and human ideological education to meet the strict requirements for speed and accuracy. Therefore, the basic input of logistics equipment is an important detail of warehouse shelf planning. Even if you don’t invest temporarily, you should also plan for the long-term when planning your warehouse because the planning of the warehouse layout determines both higher capacity and speed. Such as: mobile SKU boxes, fire protection facilities, monitoring equipment, collector network, pallet machinery, etc.

4. Planning the details of the documentary mode

This aspect should follow the tactical principles that revolve around the core. Detailed planning of warehouse operation equipment. Facing the market, e-commerce logistics is an invisible war. We're at war with inventory, and we're at war with delivery errors and delays. I don't know the details of how you guys manage logistics errors and delays. I made a monthly error rate and delay rate board, and regarded the error rate and delay rate as the team's operational goals.

5. Shelf channel:

Try to place some bulky and heavy goods on the bottom floor on both sides of the shelf aisle.

6. Goods storage

When the goods are stored, the goods of the same customer or the same supplier must be placed in a centralized location, which is conducive to the classification, distribution, shipment and statistics.

7. Type of goods:

It is very important to classify and store the types of goods, and store them together as much as possible with similar characteristics.

8. Placement:

Goods that come in and out frequently must be placed near the entrance and exit, and use the first-in, first-out shelf type to store them, making loading, unloading and handling more convenient.

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