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EBIL GROUP promotes new upgrade of the storage system in the machinery industry

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EBIL GROUP promotes new upgrade of the storage system in the machinery industry

The construction of stacker crane racking system specially designed by EBIL GROUP for HOUNG FUH has been completed, and the connection of the racking system software has also come to an end. Recently, our software engineers went to HOUNG FUH for a two-week docking work between the WMS system and the ERP system. Generally speaking, the WMS software obtains the warehousing order or the warehousing order through the WEBAPI interface to the ERP software. After the final outgoing or warehousing task is completed, the material quantity on the receipt is synchronized to ERP. Let’s learn more about it.

堆垛机立体库2  堆垛机立体库3


If subdivided, there are three types of warehousing orders, which are receipt notices, other warehousing orders, and outsourced material requisitions. According to the order number warehousing type, use the corresponding interface function to import the ERP warehousing order information. After the library is completed, according to the different documents, select the entire order synchronization or the split order synchronization, push down to different new documents, and synchronize the amount of storage.


There are also three different document types for outbound documents. According to the documents, they are imported from the ERP, and then automatically or manually select the outbound material pallet, and the outbound material is delivered. The entire order or the separate order is fed back to ERP according to the interface.


In terms of data, WMS creates the main table and detailed table of the database inbound table and outbound table to store the outbound documents. When the task is synchronized, the data in the detailed information table shall be returned to ERP. The business logic is that ERP provides WEBAPI interface and WMS calls.

The advantages of stacker crane racking system:

堆垛机立体库4  堆垛机立体库5

First; intelligent system, when there is an accident, or there is some emergency, it needs to stop the operation, push the stacker and it will sound an alarm on its own to act as a reminder;

Second: Load protection system, if the total amount of goods that the stacker bears is relatively large, which exceeds the load range of the stacker, the wire rope of the stacker will play a protective role;

Third: the light signal function, when the stacker starts or stops working, the stacker will give a warning tone

Fourth: The speed or height of the stacker's access to the goods can be adjusted, and the level of the stacker can be directly adjusted through the computer, so as to increase the working speed;

Fifth: The stacker can be free, no matter where the goods are in the corner, the most accurate position setting can be made through the free transformation of the stacker, and the goods can be stored in the fastest time;

EBIL GROUP AS/RS racking system, high-density storage racking and conventional shelves are all strictly selected through exquisite manufacturing processes. They have obtained ISO9001 quality certification and European VOV laboratory CE certification. The products are sold well in more than 120 countries around the world. Our Customers involved in food cold chain, e-commerce, automotive, electronics, new energy, clothing, paper, chemistry, medicine and other industries. 

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